Hello all,

After two long years of relative isolation things have started to open up again here in Europe and this has allowed a few projects to move forward. So, I’ve decided to start a newsletter so people can keep up with what I’ve been working on inside and outside the studio.

First of all I’m happy to report that I’ve been asked to contribute a painting for an exhibition at the upcoming Bridges Art and Mathematics conference in Helsinki. I’m particularly pleased about this as the request came from a panel composed of both curators and mathematicians.

I also recently received a grant from the Canada Council for a live drawing performance that we will be working on with my former student, Mario Ego Aguirre, next year in Berlin. You can check out Mario’s work on Instagram @tangent.studio

Finally, artist Marie Birkedal and I will present our work in a two person exhibition at HB55 in Lichtenberg, Berlin this September. The opening is included as part of the Lange Nacht der Bild event on September 2 with the exhibition continuing through Berlin Art Week which runs from September 14th to the 18th. You can see more of Marie’s work at mariebirkedal.com and on Instagram @marie.birkedal

Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions about these events or if you plan on being in Berlin and would like to arrange a studio visit or if you will be attending the Bridges Conference in Helsinki.

Have a wonderful summer everyone,