1911. A groundbreaking visual representation about the stars in our universe was revealed. Called a ‘scatter graph,’ it revolutionized astrophysics. The diagram plotted stars according to their luminosity--brightness/surface temperature-- against colour, moving across a spectrum from blue to red. Thus, stars became grouped into clusters known as blue and red giants or red and white dwarfs. art

The star ‘map’ illustrated sets of interconnecting points on a graph, which told a story. It opened a dimension for human understanding of how stars, and to an extent, our universe, can be classified and arranged.

That method of interlinking, plotting out points and making connections to unveil a hidden universe, is what propels me in my practice. I explore graphs, and various other mathematic structures, to translate an invisible world—of mathematics, physics, and data—for you.

Conjuring the math to manifest as patterns, design, graphics, and other visuals for your eyes and mind to interact with.  My works are a creative gateway to a realm of ancient mathematical principles for you to experience.