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The Four-Color Math Theorem is connected to a broader area of mathematics known as Graph Theory, which is about networks. This covers everything from electrical wiring diagrams to more abstract fields such as social networks where people can be linked through a web of events. If you ever looked at the organizational chart for a company or the draw sheet for a football tournament, you are already familiar with networks, or, as they are referred to in mathematics: Graphs. Maps are also a type of network. See my project exploring the Four-Color Map Theorem as it applies to networks.


Kubus is the Sculpture conceived as part of an installation focusing on correspondence between artist MC Escher and mathematician Roger Penrose. In addition to wall drawings this work includes several sculptures built using Lego bricks. This particular is based on the mathematics behind Eschers lithograph House of Stairs.

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The inspiration for the WE ROBOT project comes from the world of amateur robotics leagues. These leagues hold tournaments where robotics enthusiasts compete using homemade robots to complete specific manual tasks. Having witnessed several of these tournaments, I began to ask myself what would happen if the robots were given a more abstract, open-ended assignment, like making a work of art? In 2019, I presented the project to a student robotics club in Manassas, Virginia which is part of the VEX robotics league. Based on that presentation, students from one of the clubs teams, Team Matrix, decided to design two robot prototypes. Though we will not be using these prototypes in the final version of the project, I have included them because the results are both visually and technologically interesting, and also to highlight Team Matrix’s efforts in contributing

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