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Tiling Patterns exist in cultures the world over, dating back to Neolithic cave paintings. Geometric patterns are depicted on floor tiles while repeating, abstract geometric designs recur in mandalas, textiles, jewelry, and lace.  A key factor of tiling patterns is that they must be infinitely repeatable and thus, have the power to symbolize infinity. My curiosity lies in disruption—when various kinds of chaos are inflicted upon perfectly-arranged patterns, e.g., when two different patterns collide. Do they evolve into a more complex arrangement or, become a total mess? Check out my investigations.


Conceived as both an architectural intervention and a game, Tile/Trial was created for the Katzen Museum in Washington DC as part of the 2018 exhibition Dynamical Systems. Over the course of the exhibition two teams of student volunteers tiled the walls, doors, windows and floor of the exhibition space using only their team's colour, either red or blue. Points were awarded for enclosing the other teams tiles. Complicating the task was the fact that the two teams' tiles were not same shape, meaning that they did not fit together perfectly.

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